Museum of London

in front of Museum of London

Learn new skills and develop confidence and above all enjoy yourself!

  • Give it a try at ceramics, printmaking, drawing, oil painting and much more!
  • Meet like minded  people & get inspired.
  • Have a tea/coffee (and some biscuits) in great relaxing atmosphere.

Classes and materials are FREE and include visits to Museums and Galleries and an Annual Exhibition of Students work.

Workshops are taking place on Mondays between 9.00-12.00 in Duncombe Primary School.

A crèche (for 2 year olds +) is also available during the classes.

Contact Lorraine for more details: 07949706046.

Additionally there are also Textile Classes on Friday mornings run by Lorraine & Reba and Recycled Art Classes on Wednesdays run by Silvia.

yearly exhibition of SWPAC works

SWPAC exhibition at Laycock PDC – 2010

Our Teachers

  • Lorraine (Art Class, Textile Class)
  • Reba (Textile Class)
  • Silvia (Recycled Art Class)

Alfija at work